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Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC)

Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC)

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran
Mr. Malek Saeidi, Direcor

About Us

Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC) is an export support organization for Iranian high-tech and medium-tech companies. TESC facilitates the export process for Iranian manufacturers by providing services in the areas of marketing, consultancy, and international alliances. Currently, TESC covers about 5000 high-tech manufacturers in the following fields of production: - Medicine and Pharmaceuticals - Medical Equipment - Nanotechnology Products - Advanced Materials - Optics and Photonics - Marine and Aerospace Products and Equipment - ICT Products - Biotechnology Products - Laboratory Equipment - Oil and Gas Equipment and Products - New Energy Products TESC chooses producers providing the highest quality products based on Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) basis and supports competent manufacturers in above-mentioned fields for export. Therefore, TESC is capable of certifying the quality of products and reliability of Iranian producers in the aforementioned fields and creating a trustful environment for collaboration between Iranian and foreign companies. Iran's tech-export corridor is keen to establish mutual agreements with Export Promotion Organizations from other countries that support interactions of their firms with Iranian companies. This bilateral agreement can take two forms. First, attending the top technology exhibitions held in the two countries, with the allocation of special partnership facilities. Second, it can be in the form of sending delegates to visit exhibitions and conduct business negotiations with selected companies. Of course the extent of the agreement is open to negotiation.

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Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC)

Iran (Islamic Republic of)




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Tech export services corridor is an EPA (export promotion agency) which helps Iranian companies overcome internationalization obstacle. Tech-Export services corridor’s support centers on non-traditional exports including products manufactured by high-tech and medium-tech companies. We help SMEs to penetrate in the global market or expand their current market by analyzing their needs and identifying the barriers they may encounter in globalization process. These supports are delivered in different forms including educational courses, Counseling sessions, or allocation of subsidies. Export corridor does not directly engage in export activities, but some export intermediaries have been identified and introduced in the form of export management companies, overseas export offices and export agents. These intermediaries cooperate with knowledge-based companies to export their products.


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distributor investor joint-venture proposals


Mr. Malek Saeidi Direcor