Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2020
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Afra modern systems Afra modern systems
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Shiraz
Mr. Mehrdad arjmandi, Marketing and Business Development Manager
We are a manufacturer of all kinds of silicone insulators. Afra Modern System MFG. Industrial Company; one of the largest manufacturing branches of Afra Group, started its operations in 2010 as a limited pilot project in the manufacturing a variety ...
AgeVolt AgeVolt
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Ivan Lindovsky, Marketing and Business Development Manager
AgeVolt is a comprehensive and affordable system for charging of your Electric Vehicle. It brings everything you ever need from the charging stations and from the energy management system to the Cloud sharing platform. „We are the Airbnb in the world...
agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, štátny podnik agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, štátny podnik
Slovakia, Nitra
Mr. Ondrej Vaňo, Project manager
V súčasnosti nesie výstavisko názov agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, štátny podnik a patrí medzi najvýznamnejšie veľtrhové a výstavnícke spoločnosti v SR a jeho význam potvrdzuje viac ako 40 rokov tradičných ale aj inovatívnych, no hlavne jedinečných ...
AHK Slowakei AHK Slowakei
Slovakia, Bratislava
Ms. Hana Markova, Business Consulting
The German-Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the official representation of the German economy in Slovakia. It has over 430 member companies and is part of the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (, which is fu...
AIH International EU k.s. AIH International EU k.s.
Austria, Bratislava
Mr. Gregor Egerer, CEO
AIH International Europe is the latest family member of the worldwide acting AIH group. The AIH Group is a global collective of consulting companies and manufacturing specialist organizations. We take projects from conception and planning through to ...
AlfaCAD s. r. o. AlfaCAD s. r. o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Gabriel Frank, Technický konzultant
Spoločnosť AlfaCAD s.r.o. vznikla za účelom.„Pomáhať partnerom produkovať s profitom“. To znamená pomáhať zjednodušiť a automatizovať výrobné procesy, zefektívniť výrobu, zvýšiť bezpečnosť práce ako aj zvýšiť technologickú úroveň výrobných zariadení....
AMI spol. s r.o. AMI spol. s r.o.
Slovakia, Nove Zamky
Mr. Andrej Dusa, Sales Director
AMI spol. s.r.o was founded in 1992, is one of the companies, which pursue a tradition of production of electrical lightings. It belongs to the group of key suppliers of lighting fixtures as well as lighting sources in Slovakia. Our advantage is a wi...
Applied Precision s.r.o. Applied Precision s.r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Jan Jakabik, Sales Manager
Established in 1992 in Bratislava, Slovakia, Applied Precision Ltd. Is a specialist in development and production of precise electric meter test and calibration tools suitable for automated tests as well as portable devices. Patented technologies, in...
BAT-KLIMA spol. s r.o. BAT-KLIMA spol. s r.o.
Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Juraj Kališ, Head of commercial deparment
The main activity of the company is mechanical production with focus on sheet metal processing, mainly punching, laser cutting, bending, welding, mounting and surface treatment by powder coat painting. We offer sheet metal products for wide scale of...
Behpack Behpack
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Noshahr
Mr. Rahmat Ollah Rovshan Fekr, Manager
Designer and manufacturer of high tech packaging machines for various formats and capacities.
10 results, 102 profiles in total