Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2020



  • 7:30 - 09:00            Registration
  • 9.00 - 09:30            Opening ceremony 
    Speech delivered by:
                                    Mr. Richard Sulík, Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic
                                    Mr. Vladimír Ledecký, State Secretary, Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and                                                                Informatization of the Slovak Republic
                                    Mr. Koloman Buzgó, Head of Corporate Customer Solutions Division at ČSOB      
                                    Mr. Robert Šimončič, Director General of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency
  • 9:30 - 10.40             Panel 1 - “How to Get New Champions of the Slovak Industry

Modern industry must perform the supportive role to the society with long-term as well as the acute or emergency issues. Top industrial players can turn ideas into market success with their own innovations and ability to collaborate with technology providers, scientists, universities and other stakeholders.

                              Panel chaired by: Martin Jesný, Industrial Analyst
                              Speakers: Jana Kiššová, Minister's Advisor for Crisis Measures, Ministry of Economy
                                               Marek Rešovský, Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o.
                                               Martin Jančo, CEO, M2M Solutions
                                               Martin Kele, Director General, Matador Group 
                                               Juraj Sinay, Coordinator of the National Hydrogen Strategy, Faculty of Mechanical
                                               Engineering, Technical University of Košice      

  • 10.45 – 11:35      Panel 2 - "How to Manage Crisis Situations – Experiences from the COVID-19 Pandemic"

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges that have also affected Slovak entrepreneurs. Our panelists come from companies that thanks to their ingenuity, even in these difficult times, managed to adjust their product portfolio to the current circumstances.

                                      Panel chaired by: Oto Pisoň, Deputy of the Investment Project Department & Innovation Manager SARIO
                                      Speakers:    Ingrid Brocková, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak                                                                      Republic
                                                          Ján Kráľ, Vice-dean responsible for internal, external relations, promotion and informatics,
                                                          Technical University of Košice
                                                          Juraj Habovštiak, Founder, MTS. spol. s.r.o.
                                                          Norbert Brath, Deputy Managing Director, ŠVEC a SPOL

  • 11.40 – 12:30      Panel 3 - "Sky is not the limit“: How Slovak Companies are finding New Business Opportunities in                                        Space Economy"

The 21st century is an era of dynamic growth and disruptive trends in the space sector. Together with invited Slovak companies, we will discuss possibilities that the space sector brings to the Slovak businesses both in the area of hardware fated to leave the Earth and in the area of space applications which, on the contrary, find a wide practical use on our planet.

                                       Panel chaired by: Michal Brichta, Teamleader for Diversification Services & Senior Consultant of the                                                  Investment Project Department SARIO
                                      Speakers:  Matej Poliaček
, Robotics engineer, RoboTech Vision s.r.o.
                                                       Ján Baláž, Space engineer, corresponding member of International Academy of Astronautics
                                                       Matúš Bakoň,, CEO, Founder
                                                       Peter Barančík, Masam


  • 13.00  - 17.00     B2B meetings 

       B2B (Business to Business) negotiations are a fast and efficient way for you to meet your potential business partners. Choose the companies you want          to negotiate with and we will create an individual schedule of negotiations (with whom, where and when you negotiate). You have a maximum of 20            minutes reserved for one meeting.

        TIP: Don't forget to prepare well for your meetings - study your partner's profile, provide samples or materials, business cards, etc.


Registration7th September – 7th October 2020
Booking of B2B meetings8th – 13th October 2020
Event21.October 2020
Costs 50 eur access to an online event for 1 device (PC / mobile device), including an accompanying professional program and online B2B meetings
Bilateral Meetings
sk Slovakia 60
ir Iran (Islamic Republic of) 9
at Austria 5
cz Czech Republic 3
ru Russian Federation 3
cn China 2
de Germany 2
hu Hungary 2
si Slovenia 2
be Belgium 1
et Ethiopia 1
fi Finland 1
ge Georgia 1
gr Greece 1
hr Croatia (Hrvatska) 1
ch Switzerland 1
ie Ireland 1
nl Netherlands 1
no Norway 1
pl Poland 1
rs Serbia 1
se Sweden 1
ua Ukraine 1